1. You must be a Brand Member or Agency Member to be eligible to purchase the Content;
  2. Upon purchasing the Content and paying a one-off licence fee, you will be granted an Extended Licence to the Content, under our Licence Terms and Conditions. 
  3. You must agree to be bound by our Licence Terms and Conditions as a condition of purchasing any Content under an Extended Licence. Click here for details of our Licence Terms and Conditions.
  4. An Extended Licence will give you all of the rights granted under our Standard Licence (see our Licence Terms and Conditions for details of the Standard Licence), but on a perpetual basis. This means that your licence to the Content will continue indefinitely, even after you have cancelled your membership with us. You also will not have to pay us any other fees for your ongoing use of that Content – provided that your use is in accordance with the Standard Licence.
  5. If you are an Agency Member, an Extended Licence will allow one of your Agency Clients to use the Content under the Standard Licence terms applicable to Agency Clients. If you want more than one Agency Client to use that Content, you will need to purchase an Extended Licence for each Agency Client that wants to use it.
  6. The Extended Licence is subject to our rights of termination as set out in our Licence Terms and Conditions (for example, if you use the Content in breach of our Licence Terms and Conditions).
  7. The Extended Licence will only apply to the Content you purchase under an Extended Licence offer. You will not obtain perpetual rights over any other content we may make available to you, unless otherwise expressly agreed by us in writing. If you want additional rights of use for any other content, you will need to contact us and we can then discuss your requirements.